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    Car Rentals

    Our unique system provides you with an online application for which lists all the available options for car rentals available at the airport and all the other options throughout your country of choice, including city to city options.

    You will have the opportunity of working solely with one or as many car rental companies as you choose, such as but not only: AVIS, EUROPCAR, HERX, BUGET etc.

    This means you will be able to save on costs and make choices based upon what is the most convenient for you at any given particular time during your stay. Using your system will mean you can compare all the variants and then after weighing everything up making the right choice/choices for youЕ

    You are guaranteed a safe transaction when booking using your credit cards.

    This particular service of ours has been working for a number of years now and is extremely popular amongst our clients.

    Rent a Car

    You can rent a car with this unique system. We are offering a unique online system which brings together all existing car rental companies, located in airports and cities abroad.

    You may alternately check proposals from AVIS, EUROPCAR, HERTZ, BUDGET and many other rent-a-car companies, comparing what suits you best and choosing the better price. Or you can just search for the very best selection of car rentals from all companies compilated in one chart! The booking and payment system is made in Russian language, it is simple and easy to use! Payment by card is perfectly safe. This rent-a-car system has been in operation for many years and it is very popular among our customers.

    General rules for booking a car thru our system.

    Once you have booked and paid for car rental with the online system, you receive at your e-mail a VOUCHER confirming the booking with a particular company (Sixt, Avis, Europcar, Budget Auto, etc.). After arrival by plane and after going through immigration control and baggage collection you need to proceed to the the desk of the car-rent company which is specified in your voucher. Just give the printed voucher to the representative of the rental company while collecting the vehicle.

    Documents which you need in a foreign country to rent a car.
    - Car rental voucher (sent to you via email Ц please print and present it at the car rent desk)
    - Driver's license (plastic card), sometimes driving license of international standard is required
    - You must have at least one year driving experience (for expensive sports cars such as Ferrari the driving experience should be at least 3 years)
    - foreign travel Passport
    - Credit / debit cards (except Visa Electron, Mastercard Maestro). For luxury cars - 2 credit (debit) cards, in some cases one of the cards should be at least a Gold level or American Express or Diners Club.

    Attention! It is not possible to rent a car without providing a credit / debit card because when you rent a car you need to leave a deposit, which is blocked on your card.

    The employee of the rent-a-car company gives you the car keys and shows the place on the parking lot where you can find your car. Before you start to use the car please check carefully the conditions of the body and the interior of the vehicle for possible scratches, dents and other damage. Compare the damage (if any) with the auto card (this is a sort of the car's ID card which shows any possible damage). If you find a mismatch between the auto card and the vehicle itself - contact your rent-a-car company to report all the observations.

    It is highly recommended not to forget about a GPS-navigator because it will be very helpful and make the the car use more comfortable in an unfamiliar (and sometimes even quite familiar) country. You can order the navigator while placing your booking or when you pick up the car from the rent company. However this device may not always be available, sometimes it is expensive, and your native language could be probably not installed in the device. A possible solution could be pre-purchasing a GPS-Navigator device at any local electronics store in your country before you travel.

    1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Europe and what are the forms of payment?
    All prices for car rentals in Europe are quoted in the currency of your country, and this is very convenient for understanding how much you actually pay for the rent.

    You can pay your booking in the following ways on our website with the online system by a credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS)

    2. Discounts while renting a car.
    The longer is the term of the car rental the cheaper is the daily rate. The online system will show it to you. In our car rental system you can choose between cars with manual and automatic transmissions. Models with mechanic transmission are much cheaper than the automatic. In case you want to rent a car with automatic transmission, it is recommended to do it in advance to have several car models at your disposal to choose from. There is always a high demand for vehicles with automatic transmission and they are rented out quickly.

    3. Do I need international driver's license?
    Several car rental companies, like Sixt, Avis, Europcar, Budget Auto and other do not require International drivers license, as for Hertz this is a mandatory condition. Employees of "Rent in Europe" and numerous clients of our agency have rented cars in different car rental companies in European countries presenting the usual Russian drivers license (plastic laminated certificate or license).

    Nevertheless we suggest ordering an International driving license before you travel. Order it here or in the traffic police offices in your city.

    The information about the cost of the international DL and delivery time is also available at these offices.

    4. What is included in the base cost of the car rental?
    - The cost of renting the car
    - Unlimited mileage (in some cases limit on mileage is indicated)
    - Local taxes
    - Airport Duties
    - All required insurance for the vehicle (for details please see next paragraph)
    - Permission to conduct the vehicle by one driver (or you can indicate in the system the name of the second driver)

    Sometimes the following additional features are included:
    - one additional driver
    - 24/7 car repair assistance
    Attention! The rent does not include expenses for fuel. You pick up your car with a full tank. When you drop off the car at the end of the trip the tank must also be full. If you drop off the a car with a non full tank (even if only one third of the fuel is consumed), your credit card will be charged with the price of a full tank.
    The following is not included in the price and paid separately:
    - Fee for after hours
    - Fee for renting a car with drop off at a different point (one way rent)
    - Additional equipment ordered while booking is made or purchased at pick up (eg, child seats)
    - Delivery of the car (not all rent-a-car companies provide such service)
    - Fines, fees for travelling through the city center and parking in the wrong place (the card will be charged for these expenses)
    - Road duties (charges by some rent-a-car companies)

    5. Car Insurance
    It is mandatory to insure the rented car. The insurance, as a rule, includes:
    - Civil liability insurance
    - Insurance in case of an accident with a rented car
    - Car theft insurance
    - All rental properties have different levels of franchise.

    6. What is a franchise?
    Franchise is the amount of responsibility for a car that is not covered by the insurance company. When the insurance case happens you are responsible for the vehicle only within the franchise amount, and the rest is paid by the insurance company.

    For example, in Italy the amount of the franchise for the economy-class cars is 350 euros. In the case the rented vehicle is stolen or it is completely lost (non repairable damages) you pay 350 euros and everything else is paid by the insurance company. However, the rent-a-car companies may retain the full value of the damage caused to the vehicle if the car was stolen with the ignition keys inside or the car was damaged as a result of drugs or alcohol intoxication.

    7. Is it possible to reduce the amount of franchise for the car?

    It is possible to reduce the amount of the franchise while collecting the car and making the rent contract. Some companies, such as AVIS offer to purchase additional insurance, but the purchase is voluntary and optional, it is up to you to decide. The cost of additional insurance varies from 10 to 20 euros for every day of the car rental. If the question of economy is not important for in this case you can make insurance with a complete coverage of the franchise. In this case any possible problem with the car will not apply to your wallet.

    Such type of insurance is recommended for inexperienced drivers, as well as to those drivers who are not in a very good command of foreign languages.

    8. Vehicle damages which are not covered by the insurance company.
    If not caused by a road accident the car insurance does not cover the following damages: cut/deformation of the tire, compromised integrity of the car upholstery, cracks and scratches on the windshield.

    9. Necessary actions in case of an accident.
    When the insurance case arises, for example, a road accident happens the first thing you need to do is to call the police and also to inform the rent company about the accident. Then follow the instructions (according to contract terms in Russian). If the accident happened not at your fault you should ALWAYS get the document from the police (a copy of the protocol, etc.) which provides proof of your innocence and this document should have the signature of the party responsible for the accident.

    However we hope that you will not never have to use this information in practice.

    10. Terms and conditions for booking and operating the rented vehicle.
    Changes to the reservation after the confirmation of the car, but before the vehicle is picked up shall be made free of charge. Request which is paid in full at time of reservation can be canceled free of charge 48 hours prior to pick up of the car. When a deposit is paid at the moment of booking for bail and then the reservation is canceled earlier than 48 hours prior to the vehicle pick up, the penalty for cancellation will be equal to the amount of deposit.

    All bookings canceled within 48 hours prior to the start of the rent will be subject to a fine which equals a three-day rental or deposit amount, whichever is greater.

    This also applies to cases of the client's non-show to pick-up the car and when the client can not to get the car because some documents are missing. Unfortunately, Villamania will not be able to recover money for the unused days of the lease or in case the car is returned before term end.

    Upon pick up of the vehicle the drivers must provide Russian driver's license of international standard issued in their own names. Drivers with driving experience less than 2 years and with a violation record should inform our reservation center accordingly.

    All persons driving a vehicle must be in possession of their driver's license at any time in order to be able to provide it to the local authorities.

    Please note: Most of the local rent-a-car companies block a deposit amount on the credit card of the main driver. The deposit consists of the franchise amount and the fuel deposit. This is why a valid credit card issued in the name of the main driver is required. In case the vehicle and additional equipment are returned in the same condition they had prior to the lease and in accordance with the rules on the use of fuel in this case the deposit will be unlocked when you return the car.

    DEPOSITS in cash or by debit card are RARELY ACCEPTED, so please consult with our company on the availability of these services before booking the car. Upon receipt of the car, do not forget to inspect the car for eventual damage and report any damage to the rental company before you leave. We also recommend that you check the car together with the car rental company representative when you return the vehicle in order to check presence of eventual new damages.

    Rent is calculated on a 24-hour basis. Rent of a car for any part of a 24-hour period will be paid as for a whole day. You, the renter, are responsible for payment of travel through the city center, parking tickets and fines. Please note that you must inform the number of your flight at least 3 days prior to pick up of the car.

    Villamania and rent-a-car company do not hold any liability if the car has not been received due to flight delays, if the flight number was not specified while booking.

    If for some reason you are not satisfied with your rented vehicle you must notify the rental company at place of the car pick up. If you are still not satisfied with your rent and you would like to issue a formal complaint, in this case all complaints and other matters should be sent in writing to the address after the end of the rent. Upon receipt of your letter we shall make an investigation on your behalf. In a few days you will receive an email confirming receipt of your letter and we will inform you about the results of the investigation within 28 days. Sometimes we may experience delays in the investigation due to default of third parties. To complete the investigation as soon as possible you must provide your booking number and attach copies of all documents you have after rent.

    Villamania does not enter into car rental contract, we only arrange pre-booking and pay to the rent-a-car company, according to your order. We are not the owner of these vehicles and therefore can not make the contract with you for the car rental. Confirmation of booking and payment for your car are presented in a form of a voucher issued to you by the system after payment.

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